Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement

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Garage Door Opener Repair

A broken garage door opener can easily turn into a nightmarish situation, especially if you can't get into the garage to get your car out. In some cases, you may need to replace the opener and related parts, but in others, a simple repair job might suffice.

Do You Need Garage Door Opener Repair or Replacement?

There are some signs you should look for to tell if the garage door opener is failing or if something else is going on. The symptoms of a garage door opener and its related parts being faulty include:

  • The door is starting to move slower as it goes up and down the rails.
  • The door and rails start vibrating as it moves.
  • You can hear strange sounds coming from the door as it moves.
  • Sometimes it opens, and sometimes it doesn't.

As a general rule, if the opener is older than ten years, you should consider replacing it, but repairs may only be needed if it's newer than ten years. Our trained professionals can guide you on what is best to do to get the door working again, depending on the type of garage door opening system you have. Jim Beam's Garage Door technicians are able to ascertain the correct action to take in a single visit.

When to Repair vs. Replace?

You should answer the following six questions when deciding to repair or replace a garage door opener.

  1. Is the garage door in good or bad shape?
  2. Exactly what parts need to be replaced to get the door functioning properly again?
  3. Is the door and its related springs, rollers, screws, circuits, and chains getting old and worn?
  4. Can you safely open and close the door?
  5. How much can you afford to spend repairing or replacing the garage door opener?
  6. Are the safety switches functioning properly and stopping the door from closing when you or an object are in the path of the rails and door?

Again, if the garage door opener and parts are older than ten years and are beyond repair, then you should install a new one and get a new high-quality garage door opener to go along with it. Otherwise, most automatic garage door openers can be fixed.

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