Garage Door Spring Repair in Fort Collins

This is a job for trained professionals.

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Garage Door Spring Repair Service

We know the importance of doing this job correctly. Garage door springs are under enormous tension, and someone with proper training should handle any needed repairs or replacements. Garage Door Spring repair is not a DIY project and should be taken seriously. Homeowners can be seriously injured or even killed while trying to repair their garage door springs without the proper tools and expertise.

At Jim Beam's Garage Doors of Fort Collins, we pride ourselves on providing fast and reliable same-day service. Our skilled crew is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to replace your garage door springs safely and efficiently. With a 4.9 star rating on Google across 150+ reviews and top-rated status on HomeAdvisor, Jim Beam's Garage Doors of Fort Collins should be your first call for garage door spring repairs or replacement. 

Doug Fast
2 months ago
Jim is the man! He ordered and installed a very expensive and HEAVY door for my property in Estes Park. Turned out great...
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3 months ago
James is a super friendly guy and very knowledgeable about what he does. He did an excellent job installing our 14x16 rv garage door and...
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5 months ago
Jim recently helped me fixed a broken garage door spring. He is quick and responsive. Explained all the ins and outs about...

Our Garage Door Spring Services

Jim Beam's Garage Doors of Fort Collins specializes in garage door spring repair and replacement. As one of the top-rated local Fort Collins garage door services, you can count on our team to deliver excellence from start to finish. If you are searching for garage door spring repair in Fort Collins, please do not hesitate to contact us via our form or by calling 970-732-2891.

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repairing a garage door spring

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

You may ask, how long do the springs last? They usually last up to 10 years depending on how much you use your door. We’ve seen some last only 5 years due to the number of times the garage door was raised and lowered each day and the manufacturer’s rating for a number of cycles.

How Your Garage Door Springs Work

Your garage door system uses a spring for the garage door to aid in raising and lowering the door. There are two types of springs used for garage doors. These are extension springs garage doors and torsion spring garage doors. Extension springs use two cables on either side, so if one cable breaks the other one will likely break soon after. The garage door can end up lopsided which is a good indicator one cable is broken or about to break. A torsion spring garage door can be spotted by looking for a tightly wound spring of heavy-duty metal, usually one for a single garage and two for a double garage door. You will see a turning motion when the garage door opens and closes.

A torsion spring is a type of coiled spring that is designed to store and release rotational energy. It consists of a tightly wound coil made of durable and flexible material, typically steel. Torsion springs are commonly used in various mechanical systems, including garage doors, hinges, and various machinery, where they provide torque or rotational force.

The way a torsion spring works is based on its inherent property of resisting twisting or torsion. When a torsion spring is wound or twisted, it accumulates potential energy. This energy is stored within the spring, and when released, it produces rotational force. This force can be utilized to operate or control a mechanism, such as opening and closing a garage door.

Torsion springs are engineered to handle specific loads and have a defined lifespan. They are designed to withstand repeated cycles of winding and unwinding without experiencing significant deformation or loss of functionality. However, due to wear and tear over time or excessive stress, torsion springs may require repair or replacement to maintain their optimal performance and ensure the safe operation of the associated mechanical systems.

An extension spring is a type of coiled spring that is designed to store and release energy by extending or elongating. It consists of a tightly wound coil made of durable and flexible material, typically steel. Extension springs are commonly used in various applications, such as garage doors, trampolines, and industrial equipment, where they provide linear force or tension.

The operation of an extension spring relies on its ability to stretch when a force is applied and then return to its original shape when the force is removed. When the extension spring is stretched, it accumulates potential energy within its coils. This energy is stored, and when the force is released, the spring contracts, exerting a pulling force or tension. This tension can be utilized to counterbalance weights, provide resistance, or control the movement of a mechanism.

Extension springs are designed with specific load capacities and elongation characteristics to suit their intended applications. They are engineered to withstand repeated stretching and contracting cycles without experiencing significant deformation or loss of performance. However, over time or due to excessive stress, extension springs may require repair or replacement to maintain their optimal functionality and ensure the safe operation of the associated systems.

Repairing a Garage Door

How to Maintain Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs or torsion springs are quite low-maintenance and tend to work well for several years before showing signs of fatigue or disrepair. However, they can become brittle and squeaky due to constant movement and fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Garage door services often include the following to keep your garage door springs in good form:

  • Lubricant: Good-quality lubricant is essential, and garage door specialists may recommend using silicon or lithium-based spray once or twice a year. It's important to keep other lubricant types, such as penetrating oils, away as these might damage the springs.
  • Regular garage door services: Sometimes garage door springs experience fatigue or become worn because other elements on the garage door aren't in good shape. Service your garage doors and check things such as the rollers, the door, and other components for a fully functional garage door. Residential garage doors require maintenance at least once a year.

Signs That Garage Door Springs Need to Be Replaced

It's not always easy to tell if a garage door spring needs to be replaced until the very last minute. By paying careful attention, garage door springs that are on their way out have a few telltale signs:

  • Alignment: The garage door might not close flush as one side might be slightly misaligned. You should see this when the door opens or closes, as one side might droop a bit lower than the other.
  • Noisy: Garage door springs shouldn't be noisy, and when there's a squeak, it's a sign that the springs need lubricant.
  • Visibly broken: If you're having trouble opening and closing the door, check to see if the springs are still intact. If not, it's time for a replacement.
  • Door seizes: When a torsion spring snaps, there is nothing to pull the door up, which will cause it to seize.

Torsion spring replacements and maintenance should form part of your annual garage door service plan. At Jim Beam's Garage Doors, we provide a comprehensive service, so you know your garage door's torsion springs and other components are taken care of. Give us a call at 970-732-2891 to discuss your garage door servicing needs.

Replacing Springs Should Not Be Put Off!

If you have any doubt whatsoever, give us a call and we’ll come out to take a look. This type of repair should not be put off for the safety of you and your family. If you are unsure if you need a spring replacement here are some indicators. If you hear a loud noise or bang when it opens that should get your attention. If you notice it drops fast when it closes or you see it starting to bend at the top, these are all emergency situations and should be handled sooner than later. We are available 24/7 so please don’t hesitate to call.

Call The Experts Today!

We offer same-day service and our crew at Jim Beam’s Garage Doors of Fort Collins has the equipment and expertise to replace your springs safely. If you live in Fort Collins or Northern Colorado, we should be your go-to! The Jim Beam team has earned a 4.9-star rating on Google across 130+ reviews and has achieved top-rated status on HomeAdvisor.

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