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garage door that will not open fully

Why Does My Garage Door Opener Not Work All The Time?

Garage door openers are pivotal for the convenient operation of garage doors. However, homeowners often face the perplexing issue of their garage door openers not working consistently. Understanding the reasons behind this erratic functionality is ...
Garage Door in Colorado Winter

How Does Cold Weather Impact My Garage Door?

The frigid embrace of winter brings with it a plethora of concerns, particularly for homeowners pondering the well-being of their garage doors. Cold weather can significantly affect the functionality and longevity of these essential barriers ...

Tips for Selling Your Fort Collins Home During Fall and Winter

Fort Collins, with its vibrant landscapes and thriving community, is captivating year-round. But selling a home during the cooler months? That's a unique challenge! However, for many homeowners, this season can present a golden opportunity. ...
Fort Collins home in fall

Does My Garage Need Fall Maintenance?

Seasonal maintenance isn't just for your garden or your wardrobe – it's vital for your garage too! The fall presents its own set of unique challenges, from fluctuating temperatures to falling leaves. So, is your ...

Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights Around Your Garage Door

Illuminating the exterior of one’s home during the festive season is a tradition many cherish. By focusing on the garage door, a significant aspect of curb appeal, homeowners can amplify their seasonal decorations, casting a ...
How to Keep Your Fort Collins Garage Warm in The Winter

How to Keep Your Fort Collins Garage Warm in The Winter

A warm garage during the harsh winter months is not only a luxury but, especially for Fort Collins residents, a necessity. The city's fluctuating temperatures and chilling winter air require homeowners to think beyond just ...
new garage door

Garage Door Design Trends in 2023: What’s In and What’s Out

The garage door, often overlooked, has seen an astonishing evolution in design over the years. No longer just a functional entry point, it now holds significant weight in dictating a home's curb appeal. Why does ...
Home with garage door in Laporte

We Handle It All, Why Fort Collins Homeowners Call Jim Beam’s Garage Doors

The garage door is more than just an entry point; it's a reflection of one's home security and aesthetic. Within the heart of Fort Collins, one name stands out when it comes to unmatched garage ...
torsion spring repair

Garage Door Repairs Worth Calling a Professional For

The garage door may appear as a simple mechanism, but behind its facade is a complex system ensuring efficient operation. While DIY solutions tempt homeowners aiming for quick fixes, certain repairs carry inherent risks and ...
garage door that will not open fully

My Garage Won’t Open and My Car is Stuck Inside or Outside. What To Do?

Every homeowner dreads the day when they press their garage door opener, and nothing happens. The garage door can be the guardian of our vehicles, but what if it refuses to budge? The implications go ...

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